Victoria Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Microblading
Serving Victoria, Calgary and Fort McMurray Canada.


I grew up in the beauty industry and from a very young age spent hours in my mother's salon, my own son took his first steps in one of her salons. Like my mother did for many years, providing excellent product and service to my clients is important and something I strive after. The way lashes are applied properly is the key to a perfect set of lashes. Adherence to high standards of cleanliness is of utmost concern to me. I look forward to meeting you and know you will be happy with Lashin Out!

Victoria, BC
Phone: 250-508-2558


$100Classic Full Set
$60Classic Fill
$160Volume Full
$100Volume Fill


For the past 8 years I worked as a Orthodontic/Dental assistant and still do, I recently wanted to expand my horizon and because I was addicted to lash extensions myself, I thought why not become a technician on the side. I was trained and certified as a Lash technician from Dreamlash and have been loving seeing the look on people faces when they open their eyes and see even more of their natural beauty come out! Because of the dexterity I learned from the dental field, this suits my natural abilities to work in small spaces and with instruments. I found the transition quite natural. One thing that might differ us from normal lash bars out there is the sterile training I received from working in Dental. We always use gloves, masks and our instruments and sterilized after every patient. Lash health and sterility is very important to me! I love this new opportunity I have chosen to undergo and excited for the future of Lashin Out!!!

Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-701-9196


$160Classic Full Set
$75Classic Fill
$180Hybrid Full Set
$90Hybrid Fill
$200Volume Full Set 3-6D
$100Volume Fill
$240Mega Volume Full Set 7-10D
$120Mega Fill


Fort McMurray, AB
Phone: 403-408-7289


$60Classic Fill
$80Volume Fill