Victoria Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Microblading
Serving Victoria, Calgary and Fort McMurray Canada.


Leah, Victoria BC

"It was an new and very cool experience! I never thought of doing it but now that I have them I love it!!!! Now I don't have to worry about my mascara smudging or coming off! It's awesome!"

Kacie, Victoria BC

"It's great! Extra time in the morning is something I don't have so with the lashes, I have more time for other things. They look natural and have a totally comfortable feel."

Beth, Victoria BC

"The thing I LOVE about my new eyelashes is that, while nobody has specifically noticed that I am wearing them, more people tell me that I look nice. I've had people ask if I have new glasses, a new hairstyle, new eyeshadow, or just a "wow you look so good today!" in fact, my own sister just said "you look amazing! What are you doing differently?" what I'm doing differently is saving minutes every day off my schedule, and looking and feeling great from morning till night!"

Colleen, Victoria BC

"I love my lashes! They were painless to have put on, I actually fell asleep! I can't even feel them they are so natural. I have had numerous compliments my eyes just pop! Thanks Charity!!"

Kim, Calgary AB

"I love my eyelash extensions. As a busy mom of two i feel and look more refreshed and beautiful, I just wake up and go. Jazmine's attention to detail makes them look so dramatic yet natural."

Danielle, Calgary AB

"I absolutely love my new eyelashes, they make my eyes look bigger. It's saves me time and money on mascara and getting ready. I get compliments everytime I go out. I recommend them to everyone if you want to feel more fabulous than you already do!"